Cube Crash 2 FAQ:
  1. Is there a mobile version of Cube Crash 2 available?
  2. Cube Crash 2 does not load
  3. Cube Crash 2 does not load on Chrome
  4. Cube Crash 2 stops working after playing
  5. Does Cube Crash 2 work with ad blocking software?
  6. I don't seem to be logged into Facebook properly
  7. What happened to Facebook functionality on the site?
  1. Please check out the Cube Crash 2 Mobile Page for more information.
  2. Please check out our Cube Crash 2 Requirements test page. If anything appears in red on that page you have to fix it before Cube Crash 2 will work.
  3. Chrome maintains its own internal version of the Adobe Flash Player. Please ensure your Chrome is up to date. If your version of Chrome is old or is not updating check out this article: Help updating Chrome
  4. Please ensure you are not running any ad blocking software. From time to time we show an ad inbetween levels. If the ad does not get shown the game cannot continue as it relies on the ad to let the game know when it's finished so Cube Crash 2 can start again.
  5. It will work to an extent but will most likely stop working whenever we try to show a pre-game ad or inter-level ad. Please consider disabling ad blocking software on the domain.
  6. From time to time the Cube Crash 2 Facebook app will get confused. It's best to log out of the app from the game, reload the page and try logging in again from within the game.
  7. Due to recent Facebook policy changes we are no longer allowed to offer certain functionality outside of our Facebook Cube Crash 2 App therefore we had to disable Facebook interactions on our main site.
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